Tom Butterfield

TLC - Table + Light + Chair

TLC originates from research showing that rising property prices have made home ownership harder to achieve with the result that renting is becoming the norm for younger generations.

I feel that one’s furniture is a very personal statement, and can differ dramatically from person-to-person as a true expression of themselves. You may not need to own a lot, but it’s a small pleasure to have your own pieces. The project started as an exploration of how to achieve a sense of personal space within a shared environment. Furniture can give you a sense of ownership and belonging, and make you feel secure in your surroundings.

The project then evolved into an exploration of how furniture can create a sense of personal space more generally and not just in a domestic setting.

From this I wanted to create a unique piece of furniture that would combine three of the most essential elements – table, light and chair. The piece is an assemblage, which hybridizes the three elements yet each part retains its own archetypal character when joined together. Table + Light + Chair is combining three different pieces of furniture into one. 

The different elements add something extra to the chair. For example the small table offers a space for personal belongings, such as an unfinished book, your phone or glasses, while the lamp bathes the sitter in light to create an intimately illuminated zone.

Fitted within the seat is a pressure pad switch that will activate the light. The concept is to give the impression that the chair recognises you, it’s your chair, it’s your space.

I see this furniture piece being used in many different types of locations, not necessarily just in a residential setting. It could be used in commercial environments such as office waiting areas, hotel lobbies, schools, airports and other locations where it could help to create a sense of personal space.

Its visual and structural purity is aimed at blending within most interior areas as a harmonious piece of modern furniture.

Project: Table + Light + Chair
Year: 2017
Location: Newcastle, UK
Category: Furniture

Photography: Tom Butterfield

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