Tom Butterfield

Memorial Bench

As 19 Chairs journeyed around the world to be reworked by leading artists and designers, in anticipation of their return we decided to take on the brief ourselves. As brothers, we took on Chair 19 — a seat for the 2 of us!

To commemorate the death of 2020, we aptly transformed our chair into a ‘Memorial Bench’. A perfect, or maybe tragic memoir of an Earth-shattering year. In Loving Memory of 2020. Rest in Peace.

Our ‘Memorial Bench’ is welded out of 25mm square-section aluminium, powder-coated bright orange, and finished with routed text ‘In Loving Memory of 2020’.

This piece stands separate to 19 Chairs. It will not be up for auction, but it is available to buy. Please enquire, or visit Seeds London.

Project: Memorial Bench
Year: 2020 / 21
Location: London, UK
Category: Furniture, Art direction

Photography: Alecio Ferrari


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