Tom Butterfield


The Eclipse light is an indoor wall mounted light, which is designed to look elegant in any home.

The light will be 50mm thick until it is activated, when it will grow to 205mm. There are two rings, one outer and one inner. When approaching the light you’ll wave your hand in front of the inner circle and that will activate the light into operation. The centre circle will slowly extend outwards into the room stretching the fabric and ultimately turning the light on.

Behind the inner circle will be six small LED lights, which will shine back onto a reflective surface, bouncing the light, back out into the room. The further the arm extends the circle the more surface area the LED lights will cover ultimately producing more light. To turn the light off you’ll use the same action used to turn it on by waving your hand closely to the inner circle which will retract the arm back into the main body lying completely flush.

Project: Eclipse
Year: 2017
Location: Newcastle, UK
Category: Lighting 

Photography: Tom Butterfield

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