City Park Cafe

City Park Cafe is a pop-up cafe with an upper natural space for local workers to escape to during their short meal breaks. It will be a peaceful and calm sanctuary which I aim to simulate the atmosphere of eating out in a London park.

From my research I found that many workers in London would choose to leave their stressful working environments during their lunch breaks. However, many didn’t have anywhere to go which led to them staying in their offices or at their desks and not benefiting from a change of scenery that would allow them to re-energise themselves.

On the ground floor the cafe will be small, serving a limited food and drink. People will be allowed to bring their own lunch into the cafe, but will have to purchase an item to be able to sit upstairs.

Above will be a 5m by 7m structure made from timber and covered in living plants which would be a natural and calming feature in the dull grey city. It will help define the café as a brand and to stand out in its urban context, attracting people’s attention.