9 Foolproof Tips in Designing a Nursery

A growing family means more love and happiness, but it also means more space for your baby to grow! Having a nursery is essential as it gives your child his or her own space where you can keep his or her items safe, organized and easily accessible. With the right furniture and decoration, a nursery can be the perfect haven where your baby will feel safest and rested, and where the both of you can spend quality time together.

If you’re a parent or a parent-to-be, there are plenty of things you need to do first before you can go ahead and build a baby-friendly nursery, according to interior designers. First, do your research. Think about elements and components that you can add to the nursery that will contribute to the holistic growth of your baby. Second, know your budget. Opt for toys, furniture and decorations that are quality-made and durable to save money. Third, don’t rush into buying everything at once. Stick only with the essentials and add to that one by one so as not to affect your budget. Lastly, think outside the box. Despite the many tips and advice available on the Internet, it is important for parents to channel their own creativity when building their baby’s nursery.

Foolproof Tips in Designing a Nursery

Aside from the aforementioned recommendations, here are some tips that some of the best interior designers practice when it comes to designing a nursery:

Pick Neutral Color Palettes

Color is one of the most important factors when it comes to interior design, and this is also true for your nursery. Choosing neutral colors ensure that your nursery will match with the color and style of your chosen furniture and furnishings. Neutral hues are also gender-friendly.

Safety Should Be a Top Priority

When planning or building a nursery, safety should come first. Some of the best interior designers in the Philippines always advise parents against overcrowding the nursery. As toys become scattered in a limited space, the risk for mishaps for both you and your baby increases. Additionally, utilizing non-slip rug pads and smoke alarms is advised to prevent accidents. If you have additional budget, you can install CCTV to watch over your kids seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Consider Natural Lightning

Sunlight is a natural mood booster for everyone, and especially for babies. That’s why when constructing a nursery, you should choose a room that receives ample sunlight. Blackout curtains are a must to avoid too much exposure to sunlight during times when your baby is sleeping. As interior design trends go, you can never have enough lighting. Make sure to invest in subtle but functional lighting pieces if you live in a place where natural light is scarce.

Adopt an Open-Space Plan

A suitable residential interior design for a nursery should have an open-space concept that allows your baby to crawl, move around and play. This can be achieved by keeping the floor as clear as possible, whether by opting to install overhead furniture pieces, using underbed storage systems, etc.

Get a Spacious Crib

The crib is the most important element inside the nursery where babies sleep and sometimes play. If possible, invest in a crib that has sufficient space to hold your baby’s stuffed animals and crib bumpers, and at the same time allow your baby to move around. If not, at least keep the crib clear of all clutter as having a crowded crib can lead to suffocation or sudden death infant syndrome (SIDS).

Turn Your Nursery into a Playroom

Home renovation for new parents can be tricky. They must be aware that despite the baby’s inability to play with toys during his early years, it is still necessary to have things like books, toys and other entertaining stuff to keep him or her giddy and happy. A nursery should double as a playroom that is ultimately designed to stimulate fun.

Facilitate a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping is a crucial factor in a baby’s brain development. A nursery should be a place where your baby can get lots of long, comfortable and undisturbed sleep. You can achieve this by choosing a soft bed and blanket to increase your baby’s comfort, and using blackout curtains to block out the sunlight and simulate a nighttime environment. Playing soft music helps, too.

Prioritize Storage

A nursery can be filled with toys, blankets, rocking chairs, and other baby items. If not properly organized and kept, there is a tendency for a nursery to be messy. To prevent this, parents must incorporate storage solutions to keep the nursery organized. These storage solutions can be bins, shelves, or baskets that look aesthetically pleasing at the same time. If space is limited, you can use storage boxes that can be easily kept under the crib or bed, or on top of closets and drawers.

Choose Pieces Your Kids Can Grow With

When buying toys, furniture, clothes, blankets, pillow cases, and other essential items, make sure that you opt for items that can be used in the next few years. Some examples are big dresses, convertible cribs, unisex toys and others. This will help you save money as you won’t be inclined to purchase items that are not essential and will be scarcely used.

Rock Robin Design’s Project

Rock Robins Design Studio, which specializes in house interior design in the Philippines, caters to the needs of clients of all ages, including young children and babies. One of the company’s latest projects saw Rock Robins and his team transforming an ordinary room into an aesthetic and functional nursery.

Splashed in white and accentuated with a shade of blue, this nursery offers warmth and comfort to babies and parents alike. Cute animal cartoons are framed on the wall, which adds a sense of wonder and innocence to the room. The centerpiece is, of course, a drop-side crib whose color matches the multifunctional sofa-cum-storage opposite it. Roman blinds are in place to let light in with ease. For a pop of color, the interior design is made complete with orange-tone throw pillows and a geometric-pattern rug.

Choosing the Right Interior Designer for Your Home

The early years of a child’s life are essential because they can shape how that child develops into a young child and then into an adult. Because of this, parents should consider building a nursery where their baby can feel comfortable and their natural instincts for play, creativity and learning are stimulated.

Rock Robins Design Studio specializes in a wide range of interior design, including modern minimalist interior design, which caters to the client’s unique and creative needs. Our team is skilled in designing interiors that strike the perfect balance between visual aesthetics and functionality. Call 8663 0365 for more information.

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