New Office Layouts for 2021

The pandemic has changed almost everything, including the way employees and companies use office spaces. Aside from aesthetics and sustainability, interior design trends this 2021 yield greater focus on creating safe and healthy workspaces which may continue for many long years, or maybe forever.

While others remain working from home (or remote areas), some may have returned to their offices. To keep up with the COVID-19 situation, business owners and interior designers are looking for ways to build a happy and focused environment while following the health protocols such as social distancing and regular disinfection to help keep the wellbeing of each employee.

It’s apparent that the pandemic has amplified the importance of office interior design to help minimize coronavirus transmission among colleagues. Discover the current office layout trends for 2021:

Encourage Physical Distancing or Add Boundaries

Having physical contacts are a health hazard nowadays. A safe and protected interior design should allow at least a six-foot gap between each people to offer a safe distance. To reduce contact exposure, barriers can be built on workstations as well. The interior designer can also modify the traffic direction, turning it into two-way instead of one-way.

With these additional layers of protection, employees can focus more on work rather than worrying about catching the virus. Hence, increasing the level of productivity.

Incorporate Touchless Technology

COVID-19 virus can be obtained through solid surfaces, especially the objects that are frequently touched such as knobs and switches. Organizations can invest in contactless technology to reduce the risk of virus infection. The best interior designer knows how to seamlessly fuse technology into office interior design to limit physical touching, resulting in a healthier working space.

The solution may include touchless access to entry and exit ways, automatic sinks and dryers in common bathrooms, or a voice activation communication tool. Interior design services include incorporating technology in workplaces as it is a great way to lessen the spread of the virus.

Leverage Video Chat Rooms

Although many workers have returned to work in physical offices, some may still opt for the work-from-home setup for some reason. Dedicate a video conferencing space that accommodates virtual and face-to-face meetings to welcome both worlds. To enhance the virtual experience, you may design meeting rooms that cater to high-quality video and clear audio.

Create a Work Environment that Feels Like Home

Filling the office with home-like vibes can deliver comfort and a sense of security toward employees. Adding residential elements such as a comfortable mattress, homey paintings, and wooden floors can mimic the atmosphere of an ideal interior house design in the Philippines.

Similar to the principles of minimalism, working in a clutter-free surrounding can also lessen the stress around the office while creating a sense of freedom, control, and productivity.

Be Keen on Materials and Add Live Plants for Better Air

It is easier to maintain a clean and healthy surrounding when you use the right materials. Use items that are easy to clean, combats molds, and encourage a better quality of air. Copper has antibacterial properties so you may opt for a copper-made chair instead of a wooden for instance.

Improving air filtration is also vital to minimize the risk of transmission in the workplace. Adding live plants in office interiors has been a trend for many years due to its multifaceted benefits. Aside from their beauty, plants have a way of enhancing the breathing air and they have calming effects among employees.

Make Outdoor Spaces

Being outdoors offers a lot of ventilation which helps on reducing the chance of COVID-19 spread, research says. Some organizations are now doing an experiment on building outdoor common spaces where employees can go when they feel the need to go so.

Besides, the outdoors gives people access to fresh air and open spaces which is good for their mental wellbeing and safer than indoor surroundings.

A lot has happened since the onset of the pandemic that created the need for change. Showing no sign of weakening, the COVID-19 pandemic has opened an opportunity to explore other working practices. While working from home is an option for some, it isn’t the case for everyone.

Working in the office is inevitable for many employees and businesses, and so is changing the office interior design to cope with the new normal. New office layout trends involve creating a space that offers safety and function to ensure that employees feel secure and comfortable at all levels.

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