Benefits of a Good Office Interior Design for Mental Health and Productivity

Burnout has been a problem associated with employees and professionals due to chronic workplace stress and emotional tension. Aside from the production aspect, the physical environment at work can also take a toll on a person’s mental wellbeing and productivity.

As a corporate owner, providing your employees with focused yet comfortable office spaces can help maintain their health, work quality, and happy mood, allowing them to work to the fullest. Hence, the importance of office interior design is something too important to ignore.

Benefits Of a Good Office Interior Design

Healthy and spacious offices can help relieve stress and anxiety among employees. This is especially necessary with the ongoing pandemic. A well-thought-out office interior design can help turn the focus onto the job rather than the Covid-19. Its other benefits are as follows:

  • An office interior that’s well-designed can help encourage employees to work efficiently, leading to better job satisfaction. Achievements at work promote good mental health and overall wellbeing.
  • A high-quality office environment makes the employees feel valued and cared for. Hiring the best interior designer for a better work environment can help minimize absenteeism due to stress.
  • A study suggests that people are healthier and more active in a clean office interior, either at work or home office, which is where they spend most of their time. Ensure to maintain cleanliness and sanitation at the workplace.

Strategies For a Good Office Interior Design for Mental Health and Productivity:

Human-Centric Office Designs

A people-centric workplace supports the needs, health, and wellbeing of employees, promising a boost of productivity. Improving the quality of office spaces enhances morale and even worker retention. Consider the following to achieve an effective human-centric design:

Agile workspace

Create a work environment that offers optimum flexibility to empower your employees to perform to the fullest. This involves providing the staff with varying spaces to choose where they feel most productive.

Activity-Based Working

Each employee is different. Thus, providing different activity zones allows them to accomplish more tasks. For instance, some employees prefer working in a quiet space to concentrate, others may need collaborative spaces where they can interact with colleagues. With activity-based working, interior designers create a space where employees have the freedom to choose how and where they want to work.

Breakout area

Spending 8 hours in front of the screen isn’t healthy. Building breakout areas provide your employees a place to relax, re-charge, and socialize with colleagues. This also helps enhance the mood in the office. Incorporate elements like air hockey tables, bean bag chairs, beverage fridges, and other fun items to achieve an enticing breakout area.

Choose The Right Color Scheme

A range of colors is available to choose from. Following the principles of minimalism with neutral tones and wooden accents can provide a calming, productive ambiance all day long. Other interior design trends this 2021 may suggest a deep, rich blue color to offer some vibes to help employees stay motivated.

Office Interior Design Doesn’t Have to Be Big

Having a big, spacious office isn’t possible for everyone. In such cases, less huge yet more compact office space is an option. Acquiring interior design services to carefully plan a limited yet functional office can help produce a more focused working environment.

Let The Natural Light In

Aside from keeping the office bright, natural light is known to improve workers’ satisfaction and productivity. Employees who are exposed to daylight report to have better sleep and quality of life, as compared to those who aren’t. Those who have better rest tend to accomplish more as well. A good interior design has more incorporated stations near the window to gain access to natural light.

Introduce Biophilic Accent

Biophilia recognizes the instinctive need and desire of human beings to connect with nature. Biophilic office design incorporates natural elements into the workplace, such as live plants, green walls, woods, and stones. A greener office interior increases creativity, morale, and productivity.

Living walls

Transform your wall into a visually pleasing wall full of plants.


Plants help reduce stress, boost creativity and improve the quality of air in the office.

Provide Rooms for Movement

Allot a space primarily for physical exercises and rejuvenation to promote movements among employees. Some interior house designs in the Philippines establish gyms and yoga rooms that benefit both physical and mental health. Equally, this is ideal for office spaces to help prevent or minimize stress, fatigue, and even serious diseases.

Working environments have a significant impact on both physical and mental health. Creating fun, functional, and productive office spaces hugely benefits the company and employees.

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