9 Interior Design Tips for Collectors

There is something special about collecting things that piques your interest and makes us feel satisfied. Whether the items are antiques, rare art pieces or based on childhood memories, displaying a collection can enhance the appearance of your home in a personal and unique way.

How to Decorate with Collections?

Typically, the best way to decorate with collections is to mix and match every piece in a way that creates a pleasing visual effect. For your collection, it is also essential to prioritize or restrict the number of items you display to avoid clutter. Having your collection on display creates a very cohesive and striking presence in your interior design.

How Do I Creatively Display My Collection?

To display your collection tastefully, the arrangement must be well-styled. Your collection must be meticulously curated to create balance for a calming feeling and to emphasize standout pieces. To make an impactful statement in your residential interior design, the collection must also be visually engaging and reflect your personal style.

9 Interior Design Tips with Collections

Here are nine interior design trends to follow for displaying valuable items in a streamlined manner without sacrificing space:

Completely Take Over the Wall

Taking up an entire wall to exhibit your collectibles will create the illusion of a storefront display. Organize your collection according to each item’s shape and scale, color, and visual weight to create harmony and visual impact.

Install Floating Shelves

Some interior designers use floating shelves like magazine racks to display larger collectibles that do not fit on a wall, such as coffee table books or record albums. Alternatively, you can place framed art, memorabilia, toy figurines and vintage bottles like a gallery display.

Use Collection as Source of Decor Inspiration

You can use your collectibles as inspiration for modern minimalist design. Redecorating your living room or kitchen in accordance with your collection can enhance its aesthetic appeal and make the room appear more spacious.

Combine Similar Items

Each collectible should be coordinated through colors, patterns, and shapes, and have them displayed on a neutral background to produce a stylish and cohesive design. Be aware of the space requirement and try out new ideas or include odd items for symmetry.

Achieve Balance

Striking a balance is vital when it comes to displaying collections to create a calming atmosphere. It is important to use appropriate lighting so that the colors, shapes, and forms of your collection stand out and become a focal point. The best interior designers can mix and match old and new items to create consistency.

Make Use of Slim Wall Shelves

Having your book collection displayed on slim wall shelves as opposed to storing it all on a bookshelf will make it look so much more attractive. Most interior designers in Manila arrange the collection’s colors and types in various placements to present a well-planned display for visual appeal.

Use of Vertical Space

If you have a collection of hats, bags, or kitchenware and have nowhere to store them, a vertical rack will serve as both storage space and a work of art. You can minimize the amount of clutter in your space by installing hooks to display collections on your walls.

Take Advantage of a Hallway

In Manila, interior designers utilize hallways as the ideal location for displaying items that reflect the style of the homeowner. As a hallway connects several rooms, selecting the appropriate antiques, sculptural elements and vases can create a seamless visual balance.

Add Your Own Twist

To make your home feel like your own, it must be decorated with stylish elements that represent you. Displaying your collections, such as sports memorabilia, classic books, antique quills, or vinyl records, enhances the style, uniqueness, and functionality of your space.

Rock Robins Design Studio Co’s Recent Projects

As one of the most famous interior designers in the Philippines, Rock Robins has assisted clients in achieving the aesthetics they had envisioned through his recent projects.

Designed by Rock Robins and his team, this minimalist space is transformed into a luxurious retreat. To complement the room’s modern aesthetic, the designers installed floating shelves to display the client’s high-end handbag collection. Using wood textures, natural tones, and a pop of bright colors, the interiors blend seamlessly with the lighting, providing a cozy bedroom.

Rock Robins transformed a client’s living room into a playful and relaxing space by combining neutral, contemporary furniture with visually striking artwork. A few eye-catching artworks were exhibited to complement the wall art that creates a sense of being in an art gallery. The natural tones of the furniture provide a sense of balance and make the artwork display the focal point of the room.

The Bottom Line

The process of displaying these collections with artistic flair is quite challenging and may require the assistance of an interior designer. You should take into consideration the residence’s architecture and spatial arrangement before designing a collection within your home.

Rock Robins is one of the best interior designers in the Philippines, providing unique and customized solutions to fit clients’ personal preferences in interior design. His design team offers a full range of services provided in interior design, such as contemporary condo design and modern styling for residential and commercial projects. To learn more about Rock Robins Design Studio Co’s services, call (02) 8663 0365 or send us a message today.

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