The Key Elements in Designing an Industrial-Style Bachelor Pad

There are various factors that play a key role in influencing the interior design of one’s place. This might be the owner’s aesthetic preference, cultural inclination, or marital status. The latter has contributed to the rise in popularity of a specific interior design style called “industrial-style bachelor pads.” These living spaces are owned by bachelors or single men and are influenced by industrial-themed interiors. Also, this space is primarily designed by interior designers to cater to bachelors’ lifestyle habits, hobbies, and interests.

How do you describe industrial Interior design?

But before delving into the interior design of a bachelor pad, it is vital to know what industrial interior design is. This style is reminiscent of the interiors of warehouses, factories, and industrial places. Some of the architectural elements found inside the space are stripped-down architectural details, metals, woods, bare bricks, and even recycled materials. Some of the best interior designers in the Philippines highlight ductwork and piping to give the space a raw, unfinished look. They also maintain that welcoming and laid-back vibe by blending with other industrial elements to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Characteristics of industrial interior design

Industrial interior design has a defining characteristic that some Manila interior designers are using to distinguish it from their clients and other kinds of interior design. Some of these characteristics include:


Industrial interior design uses monochromatic colors such as gray, white, and black, as seen on the walls, floor coverings, and accessories.


Industrial-styled interior designs have large windows with monochromatic colored curtains to allow natural light to enter the space. On the other hand, solo, or group light bulbs, are seen in industrial-styled interiors as well as table lamps, floor lamps, and metal domes.


To achieve the industrial look, these spaces feature wood furniture, such as a dining table or coffee table. Metal accessories made of iron, brass, and steel, as well as vintage photographs and abstract art, are also used to mimic that industrial style.


The overall aesthetic of industrial interior design is open space and comfort. That is why it embraces exposed materials like concrete, visible ductwork, brick, and pipes.


Soft fabrics with muted colors are also utilized in this kind of interior design to limit the overt and foster simplicity, which is a core component of this type of interior design.


Geometric patterns as well as straight lines and contours are also the dominant shapes used in this kind of space.

Key Elements to Consider When Designing an Industrial-Style Bachelor Pad

When designing, some interior designers in Manila are considering the following key elements to achieve that industrial-style bachelor pad:

Industrially driven furniture

As both a functional and vital element in one’s space, furniture plays a significant role. If you want to achieve that industrial vibe in your bachelor pad, opt for industrial-style furniture like a wooden coffee table that will hold your magazines, remotes, and other small stuff. You can also have a big leather couch where you can chill and watch your favorite series or movies, as well as parties where your friends can sit and discuss. In addition, bachelors who are collectors, they can opt for a metal cabinet where they can display their books and other home accessories.

Bare Wall Design

One of the most important aspects of designing your bachelor pad is the wall. You can choose to have your walls made of salvaged wood, concrete, exposed bricks, or rustic wallpaper to exude that raw, unfinished industrial feel.

Proper Lighting

To accentuate your bachelor’s pad, all you need are good lighting fixtures. From iron chandeliers and lanterns to iron wall sconces and classic-style lighting, you can easily illuminate your place while adhering to its overall industrial theme.

Strong Flooring

Some of the best interior designers, when designing an industrial bachelor pad, utilize hardwood floors, marble, rubber, or reclaimed wood. These various flooring types aesthetically fit with the industrial design while giving it a raw and interesting appeal. At the same time, these materials are easily cleaned and maintained.

Personalized accessories and décor

an industrial-design bachelor pad does not curtail your sense of personality and aesthetic taste. Famous interior designers in the Philippines advise bachelors to display their personal stuff, like a basketball set or a bicycle. These items can be used as decor because they have an industrial feel to them. You can also opt for exposed pipes and ducts as your core decor, along with rugs, curtains, and pillows.

Modern Gadgets

A bachelor pad would not be complete without any gadgets. These gadgets are mostly suited to the bachelor’s lifestyle, such as a flat-screen TV to watch his favorite sports team, a refrigerator to keep drinks just in case your friends visit, wi-fi and a wireless speaker for that perfect bachelor’s playlist, and a coffee machine for making coffee.

Game Zone

There are a lot of gaming options that a bachelor can include in his place. He can have a video game setup, a mini pool table, or a foldable ping-pong table. Just make sure it is in line with his tastes, budget, and overall space.

Rock Robins Design Studio Co’s Recent Projects

Rock Robins is a premier interior designer in the Philippines, providing high-quality interior design services. One of his latest design pursuits is a bachelor pad. With glaring elements of industrial style bachelor pads such as a large leather sofa, wide windows to provide natural light, a wooden dining table, and a wooden coffee table, one can see that this place is designed with the arts and science of interior design. Another apparent industrial style present on this project is the monochromatic curtains, ambience lighting, and abstract art placed on the walls.

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking about how to design your bachelor pad while incorporating some of the interior design trends in 2022, Rock Robins Design Studio Co is here to assist you with your interior design requirements. From the onset until the final touches, our team will be here to help you every step of the way. We will materialize those bachelor pads you have always dreamed of.

Rock Robins Design Studio Co also offers pet-friendly interior designmaster bedroom ideas, and residential architecture and design services. For more information, call us at 8663 0365.

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