10 Essential Tips for Small Space Design

Decors play an integral role in houses and other spaces as they aesthetically transform the place, set the mood, and provide functionality to its residents. The activity of setting up home decor can be fun, as it allows you to channel your creativity and apply your personal taste. However, it can be challenging if you have limited space, and this is apparent in urban areas of the country. Due to this, homeowners freedom is curtailed, especially in choosing the decor they want. But worry no more, because the following are tips for small-space house design in the Philippines.

The importance of functionality

When designing limited spaces, make sure you opt for items that are multi-purpose, such as a table that can be a desk and a dining table, a sofa that can be transformed into a bed, a bookcase with a fold-down table, a mirror with shelving and hooks, and others. This is a small condo design idea that not only saves space but also allows you to save money by integrating numerous needs into one item.

Choosing the right colors

One piece of advice from some of the best Manila interior designers is to choose light paint colors for small spaces. as they tend to make smaller rooms seem larger. However, this does not mean you will just settle with the all-white palette, as there are other color rules that can maximize your space. One is choosing different shades of the same color to unite all the rooms and make them larger. Another is that bold colors can make a focal point in a smaller room, and darker colors for walls can make it recede, making a small space seem larger.

Maximizing storage

Despite a limited and small space, you can still maximize your storage by purchasing items that serve a specific function but can also be a storage area. Examples of this are a storage ottoman that can be used as an extra seat and footrest and where you can store your books and blankets. Some interior designers in the Philippines also advise utilizing the door space by installing cabinets or shelving above it.


If you are faced with limited space, you can use bright white lights, as they can make the room feel bigger and more open compared to warmer, softer tones. The interior principle behind this is that white light reflects on surfaces, which can elicit a feeling of openness. It also helps make the room look cleaner and more modern.

Incorporating greenery

You can also put plants and other greenery into your limited space, as they provide an outdoor and open feel. Just make sure that you don’t overcrowd it. This is a condo unit interior design idea that is mostly used to provide residents of urbanized areas with a way to reconnect with nature.

Furniture and layout

Having a limited space should not deprive you of incorporating furniture into your house. Choose furniture that is trim and can fit into your limited space. In terms of layout, seek help from an interior designer to create an arrangement that maximizes space, creates better flow, and arranges furniture properly.

Make use of mirrors

Aside from multi-function items, mirrors can also help in maximizing space as they reflect light, which creates a more open and airy atmosphere. It also creates the illusion of expanded walls and extra depth. These mirrors should be positioned properly, such as on a bare wall, to simulate windows and provide more angles. On the other hand, a tall mirror can draw the eye’s attention higher, which makes the space more spacious.

Opt for larger art pieces when decorating small spaces

If you are into the arts and want to incorporate them into your space, make sure you choose a larger piece to exude that luxurious feel and make the room appear bigger. This is in contrast to other large items and furniture, which can be overwhelming in small spaces.

Whenever possible, consider mounting items on the wall

Mounting items on the wall, such as a TV, eliminates the need for a TV cabinet. Hence, more floor space is saved that can be used for other items. It also makes your space more organized and cleaner.

Get rid of clutter

Sometimes, the simplest way to maximize your limited space is to get rid of clutter. From donating or selling items that you don’t need to making sure that waste is properly thrown in the garbage, your house will feel more spacious and cleaner.

Designing a limited space is a task that will require you to extract your interior creative juices. However, if you want to truly elevate the aesthetic of your house despite its limited space, seeking help from some of the best interior designers is an option worth considering.

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