Meet the Team

Meet the Team Behind the Work

Step into a realm of artistic innovation with our interior design team. We blend vision and expertise to craft spaces that mirror your dreams in every detail.

IDr. Julianna Valmonte, PIID
Senior Interior Designer

Although Interior design wasn’t her initial pursuit, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led her to her true passion. Immersed in space planning, rendering, and fueled by a deep interest, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Interior from the College of the Holy Spirit Manila. As a valuable member of the Rock Robins Design Team, she continues to expand her knowledge and flourish in the realms of planning and conceptualizing, bringing fresh perspectives and creativity to every project.

IDr. Resty Estoque, PIID
Senior Interior Designer

Resty began his design journey by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, culminating in his successful completion of studies in May 2017. Driven by a profound affection for the arts, he discovered his true calling in Interior Design. In addition to his design endeavors, Resty keeps his artistic side vibrant through his passion for photography, music, and graphic design. His signature style is characterized by clean, sleek, and innovative designs.

Arch. Nikko Zerda, UAP
Senior 3D Visualizer

With over 6 years of experience, Nikko embarked on his journey as an architecture graduate, recognized for his proficiency in speed drafting, innovative use of media, and meticulous attention to detail. However, his passion eventually shifted towards 3D modeling and interior visualization, becoming his primary area of expertise. He now collaborates and shares his knowledge with fellow 3D artists, both in collaboration and as a teacher. Nikko’s adaptability has fueled his growth, allowing him to excel and make significant contributions to the Rock Robins Design Team.

IDr. Maria Carmela H. Ragos, PIID
Junior Interior Designer

Carmela, a University of Santo Tomas graduate in Interior Design, has been a vital member of our design team since 2018. With a diverse portfolio encompassing residential and commercial projects, her designs draw inspiration from nature, art, and architecture. Carmela creates spaces that hold deep meaning for her clients, blending sustainable practices with a discerning eye for aesthetics.

IDr. Christine Anne Santos, PIID
Junior Interior Designer

Christine’s innate passion for color and artistic talent led her to pursue a career in design. Enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, she embraces the mantra, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” โ€“ Charles Eames. Christine’s meticulous attention to detail and belief in the transformative power of design result in harmonious and meaningful spaces that reflect her clients’ unique needs and desires.

IDr. Clara Denise B. Tuazon, PIID
Junior Interior Designer

Denise’s passion for the arts fueled her journey to earn a Bachelor’s degree from the Philippine School of Interior Design – Ahlen Institute. Over time, she developed a deep appreciation for the process of transforming concepts and ideas into tangible realities. Through practicing Interior Design, Denise finds fulfillment in utilizing both her technical expertise and creative skills to assist individuals in constructing visually stunning and functional spaces.

IDr. Ryan Miguel D. Bataclan, PIID
Junior Interior Designer

Ryan’s journey in interior design began when he was captivated by the teachings of two professors at PUP Manila, who unveiled the intricacies of the field. His character combines spontaneity with a composed demeanor, even when faced with challenges. As an avid indoor enthusiast, Ryan’s passion for cinema ignites his creativity, particularly in films that encompass the arts, architecture, and visually captivating color palettes.

Doreen Kaye F. Lafuente
Junior Designer

From an early age, Kaye developed a passion for the arts through her family. Her love for photography further fueled her pursuit of Interior Design, finding inspiration and creative expression within this field. In 2022, she successfully completed her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design at the College of the Holy Spirit Manila, where she honed her skills in drawing and color rendering.

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