Modern Interior Design for Your Rental Home

Rental homes are like temporary safe-havens. When it comes to interior design, decorating rental properties is way different from adorning your own home. The key is to create a perfect balance between beauty and value.

When renovating your home interiors, you can be as creative and as personal as you can be. Whereas in decorating a rental space, you have to create a livable space that will suit everyone or anyone. A modern interior house design in the Philippines can help make an attractive yet functional and cost-effective rental home that tenants will surely love.

What is Modern Interior Design?

A modern interior design is known for its sleek and uncluttered space with clean lines. Modern design began in the late 19th century and is still recognized and used up to this day. Remaining in interior design trends, modernism reflects simplicity with furnishing and décor that focus on neutral material and use of earthy colors. In its simplicity, the modern design embraces natural light and unadorned windows, void of fussy adornments.

Here are some tips for transforming your rental property:

Start With Fresh Paint

Before filling anything in, it’s better to paint the walls first to have a fresh foundation. Choosing the right color is important. Although different people have different preferences, it would be best to consider neutral hues like white, beige, and ivory. Dark colors like bold violet and orange may not look appealing to tenants. Make sure to invest in quality paints and opt for a silk finish instead of a matte finish to avoid getting your walls easily stained or faded.

Update The Flooring

Good quality flooring makes the entire home sturdy and firm. In modern design, marble and tiles are popular choices due to their elegance and versatility. While an expensive choice, a marble floor is a long-term investment that will serve you for many years. Opting for tiles are less expensive but, you may need to redo them more often. The good thing about tiles is, it gives the space a fresher look whenever you change them.

Check The Lighting

One way to set the right mood and adjust the ambiance in your rental home is through lighting. A skilled interior designer knows the importance of lighting in modern spaces. You may use recessed ceiling lights for general lighting, but some may opt for overhead ceiling fixtures. Make sure that every room has an adequate amount of light and add decorative accent lighting when needed.

Be Wise with Furniture

With home rental furniture, you may either get pricey or inexpensive furniture. However, it may be a good idea to choose affordable furniture pieces and have them changed as necessary. Besides, not all renters know the value of high-quality furniture. However, you may also invest in high-quality and comfortable sofas and beds to give your guests the best experience. Chairs and ottomans that feature bare legs and slim bases are advisable for modern styles.

Allow Decorative Yet Functional Pieces

Similar to minimalist interior design, modern spaces focus on decorative accessories that have functions or purposes. As a landlord, be prepared that these accessories may not be well cared for by all tenants. Be wise when placing decorative pieces on your rental property. Since they add in creating homey feels, you can go for the basic pieces such as paintings, floor lamps, among other things.

Remodel The Kitchen

The kitchen is considered the heart of every home and most tenants seek a great kitchen space. Give attention to kitchen cabinets and countertops. Enhancing them with angular and simple design is a great idea. When it comes to color schemes, it’s safe to stay neutral and keep it bright at all costs. And, select kitchen flooring with care. These are especially true if you are to transform your condo into a rental space. Ensure that materials that are easy to clean.

Upgrade The Bathroom

A clean and tidy bathroom is significantly appealing to tenants. Renovating this area is also crucial, especially the toilet seat –or the entire bathroom if possible– to secure cleanliness. One of the services an interior designer can provide is a modern bathroom for both function and relaxation. Usually, modern bathrooms include bathtubs, a chair in the corner, showerheads, faucets, mirrors, and other sanitaryware.

Decorating can be challenging but fun. As a landlord, it’s normal that you want to give your guests the best experience they can have without overspending. Enhancing the aesthetic and function of your rental property increases its value and attracts high-quality tenants at the same time.

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