7 Home Renovation Tips for New Parents

For new parents or parents-to-be, home renovations are quite a common topic. Baby-proofing your home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics and elegance. You can still have that sophisticated look while ensuring a safe and kid-friendly interior.

Discuss that child-proof décor idea with your interior designer and still manage to have that chic, minimal internal design for family homes. From creative kid rooms and nurseries to the multifunctional kitchen, here are 7 home renovation tips for new parents you may want to consider.

Safety Comes First

It’s better to be safe than sorry. When major works are to be done, you may want to keep the little ones away for a while. Aside from dangerous risks, loud noises and debris can put stress on the children. Heavy pieces of machinery and scaffolding can be tempting for kids to play on, so make sure to create barriers where kids can’t break through. Consider asking your contractor for any fall hazards as well. Blocking all vents in your living space is also vital to free the room from debris.

When moving back to your new interior house design, double-check if any construction pieces such as nails or staples remain. You can also hire someone who does professional renovation clean-ups.

Create A Cozy Yet Child-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is a busy, high-traffic area, so remodeling it according to your new needs can help to make things easier. You may place child-proof covers on the stove, get an oven lock, soften sharp edges or corners, among other things. You may also consult interior designers about having a booth seating concept with drawers for toys or coloring books storage. This kitchen renovation can be more functional and, of course, fun for the toddler.

Installing safety gates is another great idea. So, whenever you’re busy cooking, you may put your child away from the kitchen but nearby.

Consider an Open Floor Plan

Get rid of those dividing walls and embrace an open floor plan interior design. Consider an open layout between the dining area, living room, and game room that allows you to keep an eye on the kids and everyone and spend more quality time with your growing family.

Consult the best interior designer to help create a stunning, consistent look in these spaces. Using a neutral color palette can be a good idea to make smooth and fresh-looking finishes.

Be Smart with Crib Location

The crib is usually the focal point of a nursery room. Place your baby’s crib away from the window and all other furniture. It’s best to place it in an area where you have easy access like near the door or at the center of the room. Make sure that the crib is far away from all electrical cords. Beware of choking hazards too, like strings and ribbons. Also, never put the crib under shelves or anything that could fall directly to the crib.

If the room has an unusual shape, you may acquire the services of interior designers to create symmetry and ensure safety within the baby’s room.

Design A Kid-Friendly Bathroom

A playful and hazard-free bathroom makes bathing and learning exciting for kids. Living with toddlers creates the need for lower shelves, storage for bathroom toys, and non-slip floors and bathtubs. Your interior designer can help make a beautiful yet safe bathroom for the kids to learn independent bathing and brushing of teeth as they grow.

If you want a cool factor, you may incorporate smart products such as hands-free faucets and self-cleaning toilets that are appealing for the kids.

Secure the Windows

Babies are little escape players. Unguarded windows can pose danger to your kids. Securing your window treatments with safety locks can help save your baby from potential troubles. Also, opt for window blinds with safer cordless options rather than a corded window covering. Some popular interior design styles feature window treatments safe for kids.

Be Keen on Lighting, Flooring, & Decoration

Overhead lighting can be your best choice if you have toddlers at home. This keeps the cords and sockets out of the little one’s reach. When it comes to flooring, hardwood is a great option since they’re sturdy yet mildew, mold, and dust resistant. Besides, hardwood floors are easy to clean and allergen-free.

When decorating, make sure not to go overboard. Since nursery rooms are often small rooms, you may want to focus on essential pieces including the crib, bedding, rocker, changing table, storage basket, and dresser.

Baby-proofing your interior house design can feel overwhelming – but it’s totally worth it! Your kid’s safety at home is a necessity.

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