Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

This year’s lockdown period has placed the importance of our homes in the spotlight more than ever. The perfect balance between beauty and function of Philippine home interior designs fills every household with personal history and shared experiences, all within the comforts of home. As we shift to a brand-new year, we may also consider shifting to a brand-new interior design. Here are some trends to watch out for this 2021:

Naval color trend

Darker shades of blue are poised to become one of the hottest colors in 2021. Such colors can be a good alternative to black when stressing elegance and creating contemporary spaces. As a neutral color, navy blends well with other neutrals and works with several styles. Historically, the color blue is believed to provide a sense of authority and affluence in the mid-18th century.

Light woods

With the modern minimalist of Scandinavian-inspired interiors, light woods will aesthetically invade the house interior design in the Philippines from floorings to the covering walls and ceilings. Its raw color and beauty aid interior designers to grace versatile spaces with natural accents along with a tactile design trend.

Statement pieces

Over the years, décor enthusiasts and interior designers would always crave a sense of authenticity and a personal touch, and this will continue through to 2021 and in the next years. Elevate any space with exclusive statement pieces made from purer materials and handcrafted objects. This will surely add depth and charm to the ambiance of the room.

Modern rustic interior

This look is terrific for those who love modern designs but also want a hint of antique and ancient vibes in the room. Interior designers build an exquisite blend of old and new pieces in harmony. This may translate to historic pieces and interesting features between then and now.


Neutral color schemes work splendidly indoors. The key is to choose a relaxing color palette for a more intimate and inviting environment. The neutral color usually includes different shades of white, gray and beige. Dark colors may pop but they come in lesser force.

Earthly and organic

Earth tones and organic materials have been influencing interior designs for years. Expect their continued advancement and popularity this 2021 and beyond. Consider bringing in wood, rattan, jute and other native materials to your home for a greener and relaxing feel. Let your interior designer in Manila bring nature to your home.


Unlike modern minimalism, “grandmillennial” refers to a granny-chic style featuring elegant decorations, old-fashioned prints and a cozy ambiance. This involves traditional fashion elements but with a contemporary twist. An interior designer would make a space feel nostalgic but not completely archaic nor stuffy.


East meets west with the Japandi style, which strikes the perfect balance Japanese and Scandinavian designs. Such combination leads to an interior that is simple and minimalistic yet functional and warm. This coming 2021 sees the rise of the Japandi style, which puts the spotlight on natural and sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo and linen in furniture and furnishings. The result is a clean and functional space that radiates a calm and stress-free environment.

Coastal Chic

Light and breezy, the coastal chic interior is reminiscent of a sunny summer afternoon by the beach. Unlike nautical themes, however, coastal chic is more minimalistic and is all about light colors, natural light, ocean hues and lots of white. The key in this design is to keep it simple and open, reducing the use of chunkier furniture and heavy-looking furnishings to promote an airy and freer ambiance.

As another year opens, welcome it with the fresh and hottest interior design trends in 2021. It’s a perfect time to bring creativity and evolve the comfort of your home. Trends, styles, and aesthetics are highly regarded, but never forget that interiors are supposed to give comfort to its inhabitants. Reconstructing your interior can be a fun task, but tame your creativity with functionality along with the professional guidance of interior designers.

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