Home Office Interior Designs That Boost Productivity

A good interior design makes life all the more interesting, no matter the season. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic comes a call for everyone to stay at home, and with this call comes the need for most to adopt a work-from-home (WFH) setup while waiting for vaccines to become available this year. WFH definitely has its perks, but the solitude and routine can make days feel slow and boring.

Luckily, spicing up your work life is as simple as changing up the interior design of your home office. A little touch of color here or an eye-catching piece of furniture there may just be what you need to get that workspiration and boost your productivity. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a work-friendly interior house design in the Philippines:

Furniture First

When designing your office space, make sure to start with your furniture and design the room using these furniture as your centerpieces. Office and home interior design in the Philippines are all about picking the right furniture suitable for your intended function. For an office setup, the most basic pieces of furniture you’ll need are a table and a chair. Some may also need to have a set of drawers and storage containers to better organize their stuff.

Less Is More

There’s nothing like a clean and organized workstation to put you in the mood to work efficiently (and comfortably) throughout the day. Minimalism remains one of the trendiest interior designs in 2021, and with good reason: It suits any style and setting. For WFH individuals, keeping an office setup minimal reduces clutter and keeps every essential item easily accessible.


If space is a problem, consider multipurpose furniture that will maximize both space and function. Popular styles include foldable chairs, storage stools, and convertible tables, among others. Multipurpose furniture also means less money spent on other pieces of furniture, and less time cleaning and organizing your office space.

Keep It Lit

Lighting plays a key role in one’s energy and productivity. Letting in natural light has also been found to reduce the occurrence of headaches, eye strains and blurry vision. This being said, it pays to maximize lighting in your home office. If you’re finding it difficult to choose the perfect lighting for your space, consider asking help from one of the best interior designers in the Philippines.


As any interior designer in the Philippines can tell you, organization is key to a beautiful home. Decluttering your office space makes it easier for you to find items you need, as well as keeps you focused on your tasks. Investing in good storage solutions and shelves can help you keep things clean and organized.

Choose Your Colors

As with house interior design in the Philippines, the color theme of your office affects its ambiance and the emotion of the person using that office. White, blue and green tones tend to give off a relaxing vibe, helping reduce stress levels. Brighter and bolder shades of red and yellow, meanwhile, boosts passion and energy levels, helping increase productivity.

Plantito, Plantita

Being a plantito or plantita has become a trend during these times of pandemic, but COVID-19 or not, having plants as a staple piece in the home or office is always in fashion. Plants provide a way to breathe life into a room, and are found to boost productivity and increase concentration. Plus, they add fresh color to any design.

Changing up your home office interior design is a surefire way to boost productivity and reduce laziness and boredom. For best results, keep your space neat, clutter-free and organized, ensuring that all you need is just within reach.

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