7 Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Your Home

The kitchen holds a special place at home that encourages togetherness among families and friends over foods and conversations. Hence, wanting kitchen renovations to keep up with your needs and standards is quite reasonable.

Others may think that kitchen remodeling is expensive, but the truth is, there are certain ways to do without spending a lot. When done right, you can achieve both beauty and functionality with simple changes such as incorporating new pieces, reconstructing, and even cleaning and decluttering. Ultimately, you will be surprised at how these little efforts make big transformations in your cooking space. At Rock Robins Design Studio, the services we provide ensure to bring both aesthetic and functionality to lighten up your space.

Listed below are some kitchen renovation tricks and ideas that will help you achieve your kitchen goals.

Fix and reconstruct

In general, the kitchen area is used frequently. Having damaged cupboards, stained tiles, and tarnished equipment are not uncommon. While it is easy to opt for a whole space renovation with your interior designer, check first if you can perform the repair yourself. Fix your cracked cupboards with undercoating and mend your dented tiles. This can make a huge difference to your kitchen’s overall appearance.

Clean and declutter

Having a clutter-free kitchen is a challenge. Either big or small kitchen can be struggling with all the utensils, appliances, condiments, and many cooking stuffs lying around. You can start with getting rid of unnecessary items and reorganizing things. Place the items you often use in an accessible area. Since countertops are prone to clutter, make sure to keep your items from piling up there.

Repaint your walls

Painting your kitchen walls can restore its much-needed radiance. With the right color scheme, you can give your kitchen a new, refreshing look without spending too much. You can consider the colors white, neutrals, shades of green, or pastel blue, resembling some popular interior design styles in Manila. Ensure to perform the required preparations before repainting to achieve the proper texture you desire.

Cabinet revamp

Cabinets promote strategic style and storage in the kitchen. You may want to do a cabinet make-over not only to improve their beauty but also to create effective storage. If your cabinets are still in good shape, it is practical to repaint them and perform basic repairs if needed, rather than installing new ones. You can also save space in your kitchen if you’ll add floating shelves to the kitchen walls. You may create one, or buy easy to install shelves in the market. Floating shelves are stylish and functional in kitchen areas.

Enhance your lighting

Introduce proper lighting in your kitchen, it is another way to change its ambiance and comfort. You can add some accent lights to make it more charming. Or, create a stunning balance between natural and artificial light. Replace your bulbs with brighter ones and allow more natural light to come in.

Choose the right type of flooring

The kitchen can be one of the busiest places at home, understandably, you want it durable, stain-free, and beautiful. Ceramic tiles are commonly seen on kitchen floors because they are affordable, tough, and easy to clean. Other types of flooring you may want to consider are hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and concrete.

Invest in appliances and countertops

Aside from taking part in your kitchen design, appliances also help save time and boost convenience and functionality in your cooking space. Make sure to invest in quality appliances and apparatus and don’t settle for less. Correspondingly, countertops are one of the focal points in the kitchen space. Choose to have sturdy materials when renovating them such as granite, quartz, or marble.

Every room at home is important, but the kitchen is the heart of it. Busy kitchens are prone to wears and tears. While kitchen renovations can be challenging, it is a great way to give your house its much-needed transformation.

Whether you need a kitchen remodeling or full renovation, our team at Rock Robins Design Studio can help you craft a personalized and exceptional kitchen you have in mind. Our dedicated interior designers have several completed works and on-going projects nationwide. For inquires, fill out the inquiry form here.

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