Interior Design Trends in 2022

A new year has come, and with it comes new interior trends to spice up your home life!

A completely renovated home interior design can make you feel like you’re living in an entirely new property, especially at the hands of the best interior designer. Not only does renovating give you fresh and better perspectives for your home, but it also positively affects its ambiance and comfort levels, which are a plus considering that most people are still staying at home due to the ongoing pandemic.

This year’s interior design trends focus on producing aesthetically pleasing, functional and comfortable spaces through fresher concepts, technology-enhanced rooms and even use of robust air purification systems. Here are just some of these 2022 trends that will make you want to stay at home all day long.

Embrace Biophilic Design

Interior designers in Manila have embraced biophilia by using elements and materials from the outdoors and bringing them indoors. Bringing nature into interior house design in the Philippines has compelling benefits. It promotes health, well-being and emotional comfort, and reduces stress. Incorporating the idea of biophilia into your home office interior designs enhances cognitive function and creativity as well.

Join the Cottagecore Trend

A hot trend on the internet, cottagecore is a combination of traditional, farmhouse, classic and eclectic design elements resulting in a granny-chic look. The interior house design embraces simplicity that entices families to stay within the comforts of home. Cottagecore taking over the internet isn’t surprising since most people are compelled to stay home since the COVID-19 outbreak. Interior designers offer lifestyle sustainability and return to nature through this concept.

Adopt a Nature-Inspired Home

Plantitos and plantitas out there will surely love this nature-inspired interior design trend. Aside from their natural beauty, indoor houseplants make your house more environmentally friendly and improve air quality. There’s a range of mood-boosting plants you can incorporate at home, including succulents and cacti. The easiest plants to take care of include sansevieria, philodendron, most succulents, pothos and ZZ plants.

Leverage Green Hue

The use of green hue at home transforms it into a calming sanctuary, uplifting the ambiance and reducing the stress levels. The wellness-boosting color also fits any kitchen renovation ideas, as it would in every room in the house. After all, green depicts energy and rejuvenation, thus lending a modern yet classic feel to the kitchen. A skilled interior designer will know mixing green cabinets and mint walls with marble and wooden materials can work impressively well together.

Switch to Bold Patterns and Bright Colors

With everything going on, bringing bright colors with bold, lively patterns can deliver more joy and inspiration into your space. Having creative geometric tiles can add a luxurious, sophisticated touch to the interior design for your condo or home. You can also choose to incorporate nature with a vivacious floral, botanical- and animal-print walls.

Go for Minimalism

Minimalist interior design has been a thriving trend that shows no sign of diminishing. The “less is more” approach is known to be sought by many homeowners who want to keep things as simple and uncluttered as possible. The minimalist approach holds a subtle grace and sophistication perfect for open and airy spaces. The elegant style preserves spaces and is void of unnecessary objects. A minimalist home interior features breathable spaces and tranquility, offering a sense of spaciousness and a pleasant visual aesthetic.

Give It a Touch of Velvet

Velvet has given homes an opulence and glamorous vibe for over decades, and this trend is here to stay. From wallpapers to sofas, interior designers can help you pull off chic spaces with velvet pieces. You can easily get a rich and modern living room when you add sofa and furniture upholstered in velvet along with complementing sculptural objects and stylish lighting.

Choose Sustainable Decor and Furniture

Decorating your home interior design with sustainable natural elements isn’t only beneficial for the environment, but also for people who opt to use them. Using eco-friendly materials produces fewer toxic gases and is easy for the eye. Becoming aware of the environmental effects and origins of objects has made sustainable living and natural-made décor become popular choices among homeowners.

Build a High-Tech Room

High-tech home interiors often use metal, glass and plastic materials. Promoting cleanliness and minimal accents, high-tech rooms give importance to ergonomics and functionality. Smart rooms even use touchless technologies to reduce physical contact for a safer and healthier place.

Create Multifunctional Spaces

With the world adjusting to the new normal, having flexible spaces will be a popular trend in 2022. Aside from eating, sleeping, bathing and so on, homes are now built to serve as remote offices. Due to work from home setups, many people are craving to have visual separation within room spaces.

Choosing the Right Interior Designer Provider

The interior design trend this 2022 is largely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. People start to crave comfortable spaces that are relaxing and nature-inspired to better cope with the new normal.

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