Interior Design for Your Retirement Home

Featuring affordability, sustainability, and a high standard of living, the Philippines is unwaveringly becoming the ultimate retirement haven of foreigners and returning Filipinos. This comes with no surprise, as this tropical paradise yields beautiful sceneries, great weather, and not to mention, Filipinos are known to have innate hospitality too.

If you’re considering having a relaxing home interior design in the Philippines for good, then let the best interior designer help you be as comfortable as you yearn throughout the years. Below are some great design ideas for a safe yet cozy retirement home:

Open floor plans

An open floor plan is very suitable in the residences of elder people since it’s easier to walk around with it. Eliminating walls and combining the common areas such as the living room, kitchen, and dining area would be a great idea. Aside from making the space look more spacious and airier, open floor plans grant wheelchair access, allowing the seniors to navigate the space with ease. Plus, family members can easily check up on them quickly. Some Manila interior designs incorporate slip-resistant surfaces and grab bars to help prevent unwanted accidents among grandparents.

Master Bedroom

Whether the home has a Scandinavian interior design or other interior design trends, it’s best to locate the master bedroom on the ground floor if it’s a multi-story home. As we all know, retired individuals can have difficulty negotiating with stairs. A main floor master bedroom also gives the elders easy access to other areas of the house such as patios, bathrooms, kitchen, or garden.

Bright & Functional Lighting

Elder people deserve a comfortable environment that supports their needs, and this includes great lighting. Interior design services provide excellent lighting in retirement living spaces that suit its inhabitants. The best interior designers in the Philippines can also incorporate huge windows where natural lighting can come in, which will improve the mood and aesthetics throughout the area. It is essential that retired individuals have access to light whenever they need it.


The kitchen is one of the busiest places at home. Kitchen renovation ideas from skilled interior designers can help seniors become more independent and safer in this important hub. Faucets must be accessible and easier to use. Also, cabinets must be within reach and make sure that countertops are built at a comfortable level. While it’s good that this area is less industrial-looking, ensuring that the floors are slip-resistant is essential too.

The Bathroom

For elders, the simple task of going to the bathroom can be unsafe and a hassle. An elder-friendly bathroom interior design should include non-slip mats and handrails for extra protection. Subsequently, it’s good that the space is wide enough to accommodate wheelchair movements. A walk-in shower or bathtubs are best for seniors. If possible, place a seat in the shower to add further convenience for the aged. Avoiding placing curbs can also help prevent unwanted falls.

Blinds and Window Treatments

One of the biggest benefits of remote-controlled blinds and windows is convenience, which is great for older adults. Smart window treatments by interior designers allow retirees to operate the window with a simple touch of a button. Remote-controlled blinds feature safety since they don’t come with any cords or wirings to work. Plus, they can help maintain room temperature during hot or cold seasons. Automating your windows make things both easier and more stylish.

Lever-style doorknobs and faucets

Opening doors can pose challenges for elders, and round doorknobs can be difficult to grasp. Lever door handles, on the other hand, require less pressure. They make opening doors easier, and they come in a range of styles. Same as through with faucets, levers for faucets and sinks are easier to grab and pull down even without needing assistance.

Choosing the Right Interior Designer

Staying active and doing simple chores are beneficial for the mental and overall well-being of the elders. Hence, designing a retirement home means creating a space that helps active seniors become as independent as they can be. Elder-friendly interior designs also come with several safety features, such as slip-resistant surfaces, safety handrails, and wheelchair access.

With the right interior designer, safe-proofing houses for the aged doesn’t have to compromise the style. While ensuring the safety of their inhabitants, retirement homes can remain homey, chic, and warm.

At Rock Robins Design Studio Co, we deliver exceptional designs that meet each client’s expectations and needs. We transform spaces into visually pleasing yet functional and more individualized places.

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