How to Design Your Bachelor Pad

Designing a bachelor pad involves creating a space that entirely represents the singleton living in it – reflecting his taste, style, hobbies, preferences, among other things.

When decorating a quintessential bachelor pad, it’s best to start choosing the type of home interior design that matches your personality and needs. From there, planning the design based on the space available becomes easier. The best interior designer can help craft a well-thought-out bachelor pad design that mirrors the strong, independent, and interesting man living in it.

How to Design your Bachelor Pad

Whether you’re into modern or industrial interior house design in the Philippines, here are some tips to achieve that ultimate bachelor pad you always wanted:

Choose the right furniture

Each bachelor pad deserves to be furnished with functional furniture that provides comfort. Using masculine materials such as wood and leather leaves the room looking sleek yet pleasant. Adding leather accents in couch or statement chairs is one main ingredient in achieving an ideal modern bachelor pad design. Interior designers in Manila can set up a perfect spot where you and your family or friends can watch your favorite shows and have some popcorn.

Set the proper lighting

The right lighting can set the ideal ambiance for any home. Your interior designer can help brighten your bachelor pad by mounting relevant wall lamps. Other lighting fixtures such as recessed lighting can further enhance several areas in your house. If you have high ceilings, you may opt for hanging pendant lights to add a charm. You may also seize some oversized floor lamps that can be riveting.

Embrace tech-savvy elements

Complete your bachelor pad with some smart home features and high-tech gadgets, realizing the level of sophistication you want to score. Getting a huge screen TV, for instance, that perfectly fits your living room or even your bedroom. If you’re a coffee-lover, you may invest in a barista-level coffee machine for your kitchen. Besides, no bachelor pad is complete without cool pieces of tech-savvy gadgets and appliances.

Go bold in your kitchen space

While other home kitchens have bright colors schemes, be unafraid to experiment with deep and dark hues. Black espresso cabinets can work well with color wood, black, white, and even a rich navy-blue color palette. With a skilled Manila interior designer, you can nail the kitchen space you have always dreamed of.

Know the bathroom essentials

A comfortable yet stylish bathroom is the perfect place for self-care. When designing your bachelor pad bathroom, make sure to prioritize its function. It’s good to have them look aesthetically pleasing. However, it has to work the way you want them to. Having glass enclosures with showers and a window kit is a great idea for a functional bathroom space. Accessorizing it with extra towels, a toothbrush holder, and grab bars can serve an extra purpose. Choosing black and white tiles with some further lights can give a chill vibe.

Personalize your decorations

Decorations are great features at home, but make sure not to overdo them. If you’re into music, you can display some of your instrumental pieces or collection in a certain spot. Transforming some of your important possessions into a decoration is one great way to decorate your bachelor pad while personalizing it.

Consider wall design

Adding decoration on walls is great but consider making the wall itself a décor. When it comes to bachelor pads, opting for sleek walls and geometric styles is common. However, you may also evolve your empty wall into something useful. Incorporating an accent wall in your bachelor pad room design would be nice for your space too.

Be wise with the color scheme

The final look of your bachelor pad largely depends on your color choice. Mixing dark colors with light ones keeps the space cozy and inviting. Keeping the palette simple while implementing subtle patterns can be a great option, too. If you wish to blend traditional and modern styles, your interior designer can guide you in achieving the look!

Choosing the Right Interior Designer

Designing a bachelor pad can be tough, and the result largely depends on the interior designer you’ll choose to do the job. After all, you’ll be living in it for a long time. It would be reasonable if you want everything to be perfect – a place where you can shut off and relax with style.

When it comes to finding the right interior designer, you may need to look for someone that aligns with your personality and needs.

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