What is Modern Minimalist Interior Design?

When we say minimalist interior design, everyone automatically thinks of simplicity and the less-is-more principle. While this is generally true, minimalism also demands intricate decision-making in terms of maximizing space, choosing colors and prioritizing the essentials instead of what is overly lavish. The minimalist style is continuously evolving with trends today focusing on functional furniture and pieces with clean lines and geometric shapes.

Today, interior designers adopt a modern minimalist design, which uses the same method as the classic ones but with austere layers such as spaces with added texture, slick furniture and mid-century aesthetic. These extra details were handpicked to provide visual peace, sensibility and up-to-date designs without overworking the vision.

What Are the Elements of Minimalist Design?

There are certain elements to consider in order to execute an ideal minimalist interior design. One of the essential principles of a minimalist design is decluttering. Centralizing on a room’s main elements such as light, form and materials helps to establish a commodious and warm ambience. Strip away unnecessary ornaments and replace them with small details such as a simple vase or an artwork to create a focal point in the room.

Minimalist design focuses on creating a balanced space by utilizing clear and fine lines, clean forms and symmetry to refine the aesthetic of the interior design. In Manila, Interior designers capitalize on furniture that is functional and versatile. The use of light colors in walls, clean surfaces and simple shapes make the room spacious and livable.

A monochromatic color palette features different neutral shades such as white, beige, black and gray that give an illusion of a bigger room. These colors are subtle and highlight the room’s exterior, finishings and materials. Incorporating simple colors like olive green, burnt orange and yellow ochre add warmth, clarity and elegance.

What Are the Basics of Modern Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalist interior design requires toning down furnishings and maintaining the bare essentials to produce a bold and functional style. Basics of modern minimalist design helps in creating a clean, efficient and clutter-free home. These include:

A Reflection of your Personality

The minimalist interior design manifests the owner’s personality by describing the individual as a perfectionist, both efficient and methodical. It reflects how the owner organized the plan and design and how he or she meticulously selects materials and colors by recognizing quality and practicality over aesthetic values.

An Open Floor Plan

Mostly, house interior design in the Philippines focuses on an open concept. It is about maximizing space by dismantling walls to create open floor plans, and retaining the design by having consistent flooring and complementing color palettes. Simply put standout features like an artwork or sculpture to create illusions of space. A great strategy in placements is to purchase double-duty design pieces that serve functionality and exquisiteness.

Neutral Color Palette

A neutral monochromatic palette in white, cream and black is very crucial in minimalist design. An all-white interior blends perfectly with grays and earth-tone schemes. To add small layers, a touch of pastel monochrome can accentuate the visual style. Light small color palettes with calm and cool accents help in creating an airy space.

Functional Design

The mantra of minimalist interior design is less is more. Prioritize quality over quantity by investing in multi-functional and durable pieces. Put a rectangular floating wall, streamlined furniture and storage options to minimize cluttered spaces.


Texture provides visual weight without compromising the aesthetic. Texture in paints, textiles, furniture and other surfaces gives comfort, warmth and dimension to the room. Incorporate textures such as soft wool fabrics, linen wallpaper, grain or faux stone tile and wooden accessories to add visual interest and movement.


Balancing natural and artificial lights offer a soft and delicate touch that can greatly transform the living spaces of the house and its ambiance. Install lights with sophisticated and robust designs. Capitalize on natural lights by incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows to provide a spacious illusion. Clean-colored minimalist walls reflected with natural lighting provide an open and airy space. Prioritize having task lighting and accent lighting LED bulbs are commonly used due to their high performance and eco-friendly lighting capacity.


Additional touches of bright colors and texture create contrasting elements that breathe life into a space. Use minimal accessories as accents to not overpower the entire room. Incorporate functional decors such as candles, coffee table books, mirrors and ceramic vases, and add natural details like plants, stones and wood for an appealing effect.

How to Find a Suitable Interior Designer for Business?

Finding the best interior designer can be very challenging. An ideal interior designer should be someone who can interpret and translate your vision to life, who has an impeccable design portfolio and who provides a systematized approach.

Rock Robins is one of the most coveted interior designers in Manila today who offers contemporary styling for residential and commercial areas nationwide. He is a graduate of Business Management from the Ateneo de Manila University and took an associate degree in interior design at the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID). Robins is also a member of the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers.

With more than a decade of experience, Rock Robins’ commercial and residential projects have shaped him as a fixture in Manila’s interior design industry. His designs have been featured on several publications, including Metro Home and Entertaining and MyHome. He and his roster of talented junior designers are devoted in fulfilling client’s expectations by means of harmonious collaboration and finest services.

Rock Robins is one of the best interior designers in the Philippines. His studio, Rock Robins Design Studio Co. provides up-to-date interior design style for residential and commercial areas in Metro Manila and other provinces. Call (02) 8663 0365 to learn more about its offered services.

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